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Former PWIC Skater Chasing Dreams at the International Level

04/19/2019, 10:30am EDT
By RJ Zeigler

10 in 10 with Emily Monaghan

10 questions in 10 minutes with Hungarian National Team Skater Emily Monaghan!

Emily Monaghan is a 20  year old Ice Dancer from San Diego, California.  After a couple years away, she returned home to the Prince William Ice Center for a recent Freestyle session.  General Manager RJ Zeigler sat down for "10 in 10" with her.  


RJ:  So you are now and international Ice Dancer for Hungary.  That's amazing!  When did that start?  

Emily:  The process started in January of 2018.

RJ:  How did this extraordinary opportunity come about?

Emily:  Well, I had been working hard over the years in hopes that it would lead somewhere.  Then through some online forums I met my partner, Ilias Fourati.  After a tryout period, it became official.

RJ:  Very cool, ok, so going back in time now, when did you start skating and when did you make the focus transition to Ice Dancing specifically?

Emily:  So I was four when I started skating, but I didn't start focusing on Ice Dancing until I was sixteen.

RJ:  Where did you start skating?

Emily:  I first skated at the former facility in Fredericksburg, then moved here to the Prince William Ice Center in 2006.  I trained here all the way up until I left to compete a couple years ago.

RJ:  How old were you when you realized that you could compete as an Ice Dancer at an elite / international level?

Emily:  Honestly as I said before, I was always hopeful, but until I found my partner in never really seemed like a reality for me.  Its crazy how things can happen to quickly.

RJ:  So fast forwarding now, what has been your proudest moment as an international ice dancer - up to tis point?

Emily:  Representing Hungary in the 2019 Winter Universiade was amazing.  It's the second largest competition behind the Olympics with almost 60 countries represented.  

RJ:  What comes to mind when you think back to your days here at the Prince William Ice Center?

Emily:  This was my home away from home, I spent so much time here.  It was the first facility I ever competitively trained at.  I had a great relationship with my coaches, the staff, everyone.  

RJ:  What are you and your partner's short term goals?

Emily:  We just want to build on the solid foundation we've established as a team.  We are confident in our skills and our chemistry, so now we need to increase our degree of difficulty to really reach our potential.  

RJ:  Sounds like a plan, and a long term goal?

Emily:  Beijing 2022, hands down.  We want to represent Hungary in the 2022 Olympics in Beijing.  Thats what we are working towards.

RJ:  Well that would be spectacular for you, your family, and your partner obviously.  Ok so question 10 - is their anything you would say to kids skating at the Prince William Ice Center who may have dreams of skating on the stage you are getting to right now?

Emily:  I would say to keep your eyes open and always keep working hard.  You never know where and when an extraordinary opportunity will present itself.

RJ:  Well said.  Thanks for your time Emily and from everyone here at the Prince William Ice Center best of luck in reaching Beijing.  You have a fan base here at your old home rink ready to cheer you on!

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